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Bending City Series

Drawn by hand in pen + ink on paper.

Colored by hand with paintbrush markers.

Justin thomas is most well known for his distinctive drawings in his Bending City Series.  Inspired by the complex character and depth of New York City’s buildings and neighborhoods. he began to bend the lines of the city’s neighborhoods into a mind-bending, fantastical interpretation on paper in 2007.  His pen + ink drawings captured the essence and personality of each neighborhood in a way that connected with its residents and visitors alike.  He began to sell his drawings on the streets of the city he drew, and his work immediately gained popularity. He was commissioned by several people he met in the Union Square art market to draw homes as far away as England and as close as west 12th street. The Bending City Series has grown to become an international collection of works, featuring towns and neighborhoods all over north america.