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The Fellowship Club, my rendition of a St. Paul iconic mansion was sold to the Hazelden Betty Ford foundation for $900 USD. $450 was raised for Patient Aid, a scholarship program to help patients access treatment who need financial assistance.



As I started a career in addiction counseling at Hazelden Betty Ford, I was able to submit my work to my favorite employee event of the year, HazelART. 

HazelART is an exhibition of artworks created by the staff at the Center City, MN campus of Hazelden whose proceeds go to raise money for Patient Aid, a scholarship fund for patients going through financial difficulty while needing access to services.

Center City campus is on sacred ground - the oldest and largest residential addiction treatment center in the world. It is the site of my graduate school, internships, and first jobs in the industry, including at the Dan Anderson Renewal Center. Hazelden partnered with the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA in 2014, hence the merged name. They are now both part of one very large organization committed to be a force for healing and hope for those suffering from of affected by addiction.

Some of the work by other counselor/artists was extraordinary and I included it in the slideshow. The work we do is deeply emotional and the experience of residential treatment is a great source of inspiration to draw from.